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As a horse owner, you are always tempted to spoil your 4-legged friend with some sort of treat or surprise. Your horse will be happy to gulp whatever you feed him and will always ask for more. However, it’s important to choose horse treats that are healthy, but yet tasty that your horse will love to gobble up. Horses are extremely motivated by food, so having some treats readily available is essential for rewarding your horse's good behavior. All the treats we recommend are 100% natural and have only the most essential ingredients horse need and love. These are truly the top of the food chain treats and the best on the market!


  • USA Sourced ingredients
  •  Soft & Chewy
  • Resealable Tubs
5 LB Tub 
Mrs. Pastures
  • Well known & respected Healthy Horse Treats Brand
  • Do not crumble in your pocket!
  •  Crunchy
5LB Bag  
Stud Muffins
  •  Based in Canada and available to USA
  • Fortified with flaxseed
  •  Soft & Chewy
5LB Bag 

Best Treats for Horses Available on the Market for 2021

These brands go through a rigorous process to be chosen. See our process and formula here.



Nickerdoodles takes our number one spot as the best horse treats in all of our rigorous research and testing. We call them the “Gold Standard” of horse treats.

Many horse owners we know love Nickerdoodles horse snacks. These baked treats contain 100% all-natural ingredients sourced from the USA and made by a Veteran owned and family operated business. They are soft, sweet, tasty, and easy to chew. In all of our years being around horses we have not heard of any horses having digestive problems with their treats. 

Nickerdoodles are the finest gourmet horse snacks. They are backed fresh with all-natural and wholesome ingredients including wheat bran, oats, corn, barley, flaxseed, and molasses. Nickerdoodles are also ideal as disguising medication pills for your horse.


Soft and easy to chew

Perfect for hiding pills

 Comes in resealable tubs (we love this!)

 USA Sourced ingredients

 6 Natural ingredients

Nickerdoodles horse snacks are soft treats baked fresh in the USA. They are packaged in re-sealable plastic tubs that make it so nice to toss on the tack room shelf. 

 Mrs. Pastures

Mrs. Pastures is a very well known brand, they have been around for a long time and never fail to deliver an amazing product for horses. They contain six all-natural ingredients. They also do not crumble into pieces when in your pocket (we’ve all been there). While Mrs. Pasture Cookies are more expensive than some horse treats, they earn the right to do so by having the highest customer ratings across the entire web for decades, making them the go-to healthy horse treat for many equestrians. 

Mrs. Pastures horse cookies are made of rolled barley, oats, apples, cane molasses, and water. They come with a strong aroma that can instantly catch the attention of your horse and make him want more. So prepare for a crazy response!  These cookies are dehydrated and not baked so they are crunchy.


 Made from 6 all-natural ingredients without any preservatives and no sugar.

 They are dehydrated and not baked, making them crunchy.

Well known & respected Healthy Horse Treats Brand

 Incredibly high customer ratings

Mrs. Pastures horse cookies are made in the U.S and are the best alternative for homemade horse treats. They are 100% natural. They are packed with only healthy things for your horse.

Stud Muffins

Stud Muffins easily made our list of the best horse treats for 2021.  These treats are 100% all natural with minimal ingredients. One rule of thumb when finding a horse treat is looking at the amount of ingredients. Typically, the shorter the list of ingredients the better. You want to keep things simple and healthy.

Stud Muffin treats are 100% handcrafted and baked with the best human-grade ingredients. Each muffin is fortified with healthy ingredients such as flax seeds, fenugreek, linseed, oats, wheat, corn, and barley. 

Key Takeaways

 Soft & Chewy

 Based in Canada and available to USA

 7 Healthy and nutritious natural ingredients 

 Fortified with Flaxseed

Stud Muffins are made in Canada but available to the United States. They are fortified with flaxseed to ensure they are as healthy and nutritious as they are extremely enjoyable. 

Buyer's Guide

The Best Snacks for Horses

The best horse treats to buy should be all-natural, without any preservatives. They should also be sugar-free horse treats.

You should always make sure to offer your horse healthy and safe treats, such as the following:

  • Raisins
  • Pitted dates
  • Carrot pieces
  • Apple pieces
  • Peppermints
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Purchase horse treats made of 100% natural ingredients

Most horses tend to chew treats before swallowing them. Some horses, though, tend to gulp large pieces of vegetables and fruits and run the risk of choking. Always remember, therefore to cut the treats into smaller pieces if you are afraid your horse might just swallow instead of chew their treats.

Treats to Avoid Giving your Horse

You should avoid treating your horse with these treats. Some of these are less desirable to him while some can cause him harm.
Tomatoes and potatoes. They are members of the nightshade family. While some horse owners say they have been feeding their horses with these with no issues, it is best to avoid feeding them to your horse.
Broccoli, Cabbage, and cauliflower. They can cause your horse to have severe gas.
Lawn clippings can contain poison. They can also make your horse choke.
Sweet Feed or unfortified sweet grains and COB. They can instantly unbalance your horse's diet.
Fresh bread. They can cause blockages in your horse's digestive tract.

How Often to Offer Snacks

Horse owners should always remember AIM- always in moderation. The best amount of treats and how often to offer them to your horse should always be "not very much" and "not too often." Horse treats can easily upset your horse's normal diet. Too much treats can also cause your horse to be prone to colic.

How to Feed Horse Treats Without Forming Bad Habits

It is so much fun to offer the best snacks for horses . It shows your horse how much you love and appreciate him. Treats are also great to reward your horse because of good behavior. Offering treats is also effective when you want your horse to learn new tricks.

Treats should be offered in a manner so as not to encourage your horse to form bad habits. Treats are meant for happy and healthy eating.

  • Offer your horse only healthy treats that can stimulate their overall health.
  • Feed your horse only the right amount of treats.
  • Avoid keeping the treats in your pocket because your horse may associate your pocket with treats. He may nose every pocket he sees to get some treats. Keep the treats in your hand. It will allow you to bond more with your horse.
  • Train your horse to take a treat only when it is offered to him. Teach your horse that he will get a treat only with good behavior. Stand with a treat in your hand and just verbally reward him for good behavior. If he does not reach out for the treat and waits for you to offer it, then you have accomplished what most owners haven’t!

Offering treats is a great way to bond with your horse. But you have to be on top of his treating behavior. Your horse deserves your love, care, and attention. Make sure to train your horse with good treating habits so that it will be fun for both of you.