Short Version: The products we recommend are objectively the highest rated on the internet. And they’re by the most knowledgeable and successful businesses within their particular product niche. We guarantee it. Here’s why…


We at Starkenburg Ranch do things differently when it comes to recommending products for your horse. We spend countless hours researching, using, and testing products based on cold hard facts, not our personal preferences or some shady brand deal.

It starts with scraping data of all businesses and products in whatever product niche we are researching. We focus on companies that are at the top of their food chain. Although we like newer and smaller businesses, they don’t have a track record or historical data references a more established company has.

 Next, we do things like data mining on worldwide customer reviews on high-volume platforms, research business practices, business health, and the overall authenticity of the actual product that the business is selling.

We spend thousands of dollars every year on software that can analyze specific metrics of businesses and overall internet consumer response, not available to everyday consumers. And if you’ve read this far, this is only the beginning of our process. Next, we physically use and test the products. This ranges from our team at Starkenburg Ranch personally to local equestrians that we know and trust to share their honest opinions. 

 We then compile all this information and carefully sort and compare all the data. The end result is the best possible products that are available for horses on the market. We keep our recommendations up to date, so you know that you are always getting the best.